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Amazing firefighter rescue – Houston FD 25/03/2014

Amazing Fire Near AIG Campus And for some perspective on the blaze Houston Fire 3/25/14 (Video Time Lapse) A better video of a worker who was stranded on the top floor of an apartment complex that burned in Houston [Liveleak] … Continue reading

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SNL, Free Red Alert (pc game), largest bomb footage, and an early shot of Niagara Falls

Composite image of the Ring Nebula Grand Canyon Timelapse of rare temperature inversion The Shooting AKA Dear Sister Two Chinook helicopters flying low over a lake (I love Chinooks) The Chinook Helicopter has always reminded me of the RTS Red … Continue reading

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Our solar system, Terrence McKenna, HD skydiver collision, and Alan Watts

The Solar System — our home in space, an excellent video on our solar system Orson Welles… Badass Magician Extraordinaire A Renault F1 engine being over revved to mark the end of the V8 era Experiencing Psychosis with Digital LSD … Continue reading

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Follow a Jaguar as he/she expertly stalks a crocodile.

– J

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Going all-out in a formula car on a mountain road [LiveLeak]

Sex, so sex. Crank it up, and sit real close! From LiveLeak “This is nuts. You’re riding with Liber Federico, the winner of the 2013 Cividale Castelmonte Hillclimb. Gloria C8F Technical data Chassis- Square tubes steel 25CrMo4 with aluminium panneling. Rear … Continue reading

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▶ Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise – YouTube

Creativity for cruelty. Funny, but those poor people must have really had their understanding of the world shaken. I know I would.

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A goddamn excellent retrospect of our favourite story [Breaking Bad]

spoilers abound – J

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An especially silly animated video

– J

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A deep breath, water on mars, string theory [happy Friday]

Good morning, Let’s begin with a… In the news today, Water found on Mars Not a big surprise, but good news. Silly & surprisingly educational, War on Consciousness Camera strapped to an Eagle Busy day for me today/tonight… doubt I’ll be … Continue reading

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Hilarious Hilarious Hilarious… Best of Batdad [youtube]

This is both amazingly humorous AND wholesome… it is a true internet rarity. Enjoy, – J

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