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Lawrence Krauss on the origin, shape, and fate of the Universe | 2014-11-09

Big fan of Lawrence Lawrence M. Krauss. An excellent talk on the idea of a Universe from nothing, and how that is consistent with the current understanding of inflation and cosmology more generally. Great ending too. Well, of the talk … Continue reading

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Laniakea – In case you lose your way home | A map of our corner of the Universe

Ho fellow residents of the Cosmos, of the observable universe, of Laniakea, of the Milky Way, of the solar system of Sol, of Earth, how do you do? This post is to share the excellent news regarding our newfound understanding … Continue reading

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Idle thoughts about gravity, some good information, and a tangent ad infinitum

Thought, reason, and the abstraction of composite thoughts or paths to thoughts…Thoughts about the metaphysical from the experience within and of this physical world. Gravity. What is it?? Rather than to sit at this impasse, I will – as it … Continue reading

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Space, Life, Neitzsche

Hey peeps, Astronaut Chris Hadfield interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulis (Full 30 minute interview) “These Drones Attack Us and the Whole World is Silent”: New Film Exposes Secret U.S. War Below are some documentaries about The Universe, The Solar System, Life, … Continue reading

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Destruction of Peruvian Jungle, a song, and a Universe from nothing

Ho viewer, From above, illegal mining destroying beautiful Peruvian jungle Now, that’s a little depressing. So, here’s a sick beat I’ve been jamming out to this morning, ODESZA – If There’s Time mmm… on a personal note, I have been … Continue reading

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Is our 3D Universe the result of a collapsed 4D star?

Good Afternoon, Well, that’s what some out-there thinkers have thought up. The issue which they are drawing on is the uniformity of the Universe’s temperature. At present, the big bang theory says that the temperature is uniform throughout because of … Continue reading

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The Largest Galaxy in the Universe: IC 1101 [youtube]

The small stuff makes us feel big, the big stuff makes us feel small… where are we in the great order of things. Are we truly in the middle? Are we at the center of creation? – J

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Scale of the Universe (an interactive infographic)

It’s all about perspective. Let’s step into the eyes of a demigod and see what’s what, and what (as far as our science can reason) underpins it. http://htwins.net/scale2/ Enjoy, – J

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A nice little video on the origin of the Universe [youtube]

‘What caused the big bang?’ is the question here covered. In this video there is emphasis on the fact that time and space are products of the big bang and therefore cannot be part of the cause. Even more interesting … Continue reading

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Action at a distance, an awesome visual

Quite neat, eh? Make sure to watch full screen at the highest resolution. – J

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