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COVID-19 – Thoughts from Toronto – E02

Wear a mask, follow social distancing rules please. Thanks. Continue reading

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Covid-19 – Thoughts from Toronto – E01

Good day, world, So, there is a pandemic spreading across the world, and in virtually every country (so far as I know) the virus is spreading through local transmission. The date is March 25th, 2020, a Wednesday, and the weather … Continue reading

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Toronto Broken Red light -Traffic handled by young man [youtube]

Toronto Broken Red light -Traffic handled by young man In case you have yet to see this. It’s pretty great. Cops don’t show up to a broken light, traffic builds up, and a young man steps up to the plate. … Continue reading

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4/20, community, and law

Hello! (And good morning!) I am writing this in the morning… perhaps more precisely, just before noon. Still, it’s a beautiful day, and at whatever time you read this, you may either receive my Hello! for the good of your … Continue reading

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