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A word in favour of net neutrality + a photo

I have been hard at work, and so I have been neglecting this space. Since the defeat of SOPA, measures against an open internet are again being pushed into place by the old boys with money. Here are a couple … Continue reading

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We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It [WIRED]

“Rather then focus on Innovation and Growth, we are moving towards a Rent based (toll based) economy. This is a sad day as our most innovative platform ever created is becoming more and more a consumer centric, monitored and controlled … Continue reading

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Kim Dotcom – The RAID

Kim Dotcom – The RAID Kim Dotcom is the creator of Megaupload. Hollywood pushes on U.S. administration, they in terrorize Kim Dotcom and his family, in the end Kim Dotcom is in the right. I love the fact that he … Continue reading

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Stop Online Piracy Act… don’t knock it ’till you try it. (yum)

Although google.ca didn’t appear to support the blackout, much of the internet (which I frequent) did. The apparent lack of content to lull me along my shift at work is likely what made me feel sick this morning. On my … Continue reading

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