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The Shortcomings of Religion and the Coming Revolution | EASTERN PHILOSOPHY – The Buddha

Ho folks, Just some links for you today. Here’s a song I’ve been digging as of late – Alt-j – Left Hand Free (Lido Remix) Alt-J – Left Hand Free Lido Remix [hype machine] The self and others, “spirit” and “structure”: … Continue reading

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Religion, Demography and Politics – 2 talks | Free Oxford Philosophy Papers

Ho folks, Just some cool/interesting content today. First, a nice shot of the recent Perseid meteor shower. Click-through the image below to go to astronomy-world.com’s 2015 SKY EVENTS list. http://www.astronomy-world.com/2015-sky-events.html And now on to evolution, biological and cultural: Eric Kaufmann – Religion, Demography … Continue reading

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The Holy Gospel of the Easter Rabbit

The Holy Gospel of the Easter Rabbit (from the folks at Poykpak) – J  

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Bhudda, purple, pink… Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos EP1

Good day to you. I hope your day is good. Well, no. I hope that your life as whole is good, and by this I mean to say that I hope you have found it in yourself (in your relation … Continue reading

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On Dharma, to action! [A short critique of Buddhism]

Note*: This has been edited, but it remains to be unclear. haha Being in the world, monad of the world, subject to the world, and the momentary master over it; I here contemplate the Dharma. In earlier posts, and works yet written, … Continue reading

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Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham’s creationist view.

Ho folks, I just watched a live debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham on whether Ken’s creationist view holds water today with regard to the rigours of science and mere observation of this reality and its particular orderings. Turns … Continue reading

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Halloween – Shining Photos, scary stuff, and a Sam Harris talk! (very cool)

Happy Halloween, folks, I’ve got some cool stuff for you, but first, the feature, a talk with Sam Harris. FeatureA very interesting Joe Rogan talk with Neuroscientist, philosopher, writer Sam Harris, author of the New York Times bestsellers, The End of Faith, Letter to … Continue reading

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A fine Friday morning, some content for you

Hello all, I hope your day is going well. Yes, it is indeed the weekend… that’s good insofar as we get to do those things which make us happy. But, wouldn’t life be better if we could do such things, … Continue reading

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The war of all against all [pithy youtube vid]

I’m presently reading Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan. This text covers man in the state of the nature and the subsequent acquiescence to the larger group, the common wealth. By doing so we escape the state of nature, but by giving our … Continue reading

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What, of God, do we tell the children? And what of faith?

Below is a reprint of work I had published in 2010. It is as the title suggests, enjoy. What, of God, do we tell the children? And what of faith? Before we can answer these questions, we must first decide … Continue reading

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