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Kenny is gross | Kinetic bombardment | 1 million fps bullet impacts

Hey, Just some links, nothing substantial by way of original thought. Terrible, but funny in a I hope it’s a joke sort of way Behind the Scenes of Kenny and Spenny’s Reddit AMA [Video, VICE] Below is a video by … Continue reading

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Carl Sagan on Nuclear War [youtube]

– J

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Silly insight into nuclear geopolitics [WKYK -youtube]

I’m looking at you North Korea. Of course, with regard with nuclear weaponry as a deterrent and/or a tactical first strike, everyone who joins the club is responsible for the ensuant HELL. A Mexican standoff is one thing… a thermonuclear … Continue reading

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Iran and the West, a short blurb before War

1. Iran is building a nuclear weapon. 2. Iran is building a nuclear weapon to bomb Israel and America. We hear these two statements a lot these days, but are they true to reality? Iran says they are not building … Continue reading

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