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11/07/14 – Update & News

Ho reader, Again, I have been neglecting this project -o- mine. I’ve been focusing on my main project, my fiction, and certain consumer goods which I have come into the possession of… Let me share some stuff below that has … Continue reading

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World-first Edward Snowden interview reveals NSA spying on billions of innocents.

Ho, Interview link beneath the image. Snowden interview in English Peace – J

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Edward Snowden at Moscow airport, asylum claim [excellent stuff] This Snowden chap speaks very well, and the things that he has to say are quite excellent. Give this a skim, but be sure to read Snowden’s words. Should be interesting … Continue reading

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You are a Terrorist (Du bist Terrorist) 10/10. Relevant, bold, and sadly… not terribly imaginative. Definitely watch.  – J

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PRISM – Yes, big brother is watching, listening, reading [important articles]

A rope is a useful instrument. Good even. Though, a rope around your neck is a bad thing. We must be very careful how we use such tools/institutions/laws. Given enough oversight (read, a lot), such a thing as PRISM may … Continue reading

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