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Music | Consciousness | Extreme weather – 15/07/14

Ho folks, Some cool stuff below: music with light, a talk on consciousness, extreme weather, and a VICE interview with Afghan interpreters. David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness? [TED] (right in-line with my work) For a lighter note: big men … Continue reading

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On attraction | History of Ancient Sex | Abuse of children

Good day world, On the weekend I was cruising around town, and I noticed an unusual number of women wearing short shorts, those of the tight variety which sometimes showcases the bottom of the ass cheeks peeking out, below the … Continue reading

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ultra-orthodox Pink Floyd | Religious deceit | Mother wildebeest | Kurt Cobain on Identity (PBS)

פינקפלויד חרדי בירושלים – Pink Floyd beautifully played by ultra-orthodox guy Study: Religious more likely to lie for financial gain Mother wildebeest rams leopard to save baby Kurt Cobain on Identity – A long lost interview from 1993 | Blank … Continue reading

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Asteroid with SIX comet tails discovered between Mars and Jupiter

A strange object with half a dozen comet-like tails has been spotted in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, leaving astronomers wondering what it could be.. – CBC.ca

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A short news piece, both fascinating and funny.

From ‘Oh David’, EP2 The letter reads, “I get lost in some parts and that’s why I stopped reading it the first time. But I went through it just now. There’s lots of poetic descriptions, which are mostly good, but … Continue reading

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