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Follow a Jaguar as he/she expertly stalks a crocodile.

– J

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Meditation break

If you have five minutes to spare today, I highly recommend watching this video at 1080p, with sound and undivided attention; it is (figuratively speaking) the most serene experience. Enjoy, – J

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Disturbing, yet interesting [Kangaroo fight]

Two Kangaroos fight. It’s almost man-like in nature. Weird – J

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Space Weather, Philosophy, Nature, real life LASER RIFLE!

Good Morning, lots of cool stuff for you today. Working hours – Get a life The 8 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful “the ten best articles published in philosophy [of 2013]” and a … Continue reading

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Nasa looks inside Sandy and talks about climate change.

Nasa looks inside Sandy and its ‘left turn’ which wrought so much havoc for the U.S.’s East coast. Apparently the rapid melting of ice in(on?) Greenland was a cause of this. There is a metaphor towards the end which likens … Continue reading

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Are human actions natural actions?

When we look at a leaf and we see the way which the leaf, or nature, constructs itself, we can clearly see that there is order to the Universe. I must then ask, where in this orderly Universe is there … Continue reading

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