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Sam Harris on JRE, talking about the mind, the soul, morality, et al.

Ho Cosmic beings, In my ongoing effort to communicate my philosophy/ideology and the consequent imperatives… though I am no closer than I was yesterday, I have found a book which may communicate much of the same. It’s bizarre, even some … Continue reading

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On attraction | History of Ancient Sex | Abuse of children

Good day world, On the weekend I was cruising around town, and I noticed an unusual number of women wearing short shorts, those of the tight variety which sometimes showcases the bottom of the ass cheeks peeking out, below the … Continue reading

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The Milk-Industrial Complex – Healthcare Triage

Hey, A cold glass of 2%. What about some 1% chocolate milk with bubbles up to the rim? I’ve heard that the act of separating calves from cows, those cows that then go on to give milk, causes the mothers … Continue reading

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North Korea: Skeleton in the closet – elephant in the room.

Ho, peaceful persons. **an important note afterward Being in the both the column of ‘nothing new’ and ‘of great importance’, this piece of news struck me UN report on North Korea finds ‘atrocities like WW2’. I speak of peace and togetherness … Continue reading

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A word on panpsychism

Ho reader, My last post was showing of my keen interest in a couple of ideas. First, the idea of panpsychism, an understanding of the mind as an effect latent in all matter, at some fundamental level. In configurations of … Continue reading

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A word on the good; a rare glimpse of what I seldom share [universal morality]

Hello friend, I normally do not so easily let spill from my cup, the words of my heart. I am below to do so. Enjoy (or read with dismay if you are so inclined). That we cannot simply apprehend a … Continue reading

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An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow + Doc on Pedophilia

Addendum / edit: I have below added Woody Allen’s response to Dylan Farrow’s piece. I shouldn’t have commented on the matter. If I had not the stomach to touch it with a ten-foot pole, then it should have been clear … Continue reading

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Captain Picard’s words of wisdom (youtube)

Patrick Stewart’s birthday was the 13th of July, here are some words of wisdom… and some silliness afterward. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh_t2fFF3B0 and,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKdlQRNYuJw I hope your Sunday is without headaches.  – J

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The current marijuana laws are ineffective, unjust, and they cause (much) more harm than they aim to stop.

I should like to say something about Marijuana. Specifically recreational use. Please read on as this is very important to me, and as I will show, I believe that it ought to be important to you too. // The ongoing criminalization of … Continue reading

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Amanda Todd, cyberbullying, and the open internet.

There has been a lot of talk recently about this incident of a youth suicide as a consequence of bullying. It’s interesting not simply because a poor young girl suffered, nor because she was caused to take her own life, … Continue reading

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