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Other Earths, Life, Death of the Universe, and India’s Mars orbiter

Good Tuesday morning, everyone. It appears that Earth-like planets may actually be very common! Hooray for life as we know it… well, sort of. “THE HIGH ABUNDANCE OF EARTH-SIZED PLANETS APPEARS TO BE A GENERAL FEATURE OF NATURE.” Moreover, 1 … Continue reading

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Fukushima, Higgs Boson, Mars Topography and more

🙂 Hume on Aesthetics [philosophy bites] Google Mars Higgs In A Blanket with Greg Proops – J

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A deep breath, water on mars, string theory [happy Friday]

Good morning, Let’s begin with a… In the news today, Water found on Mars Not a big surprise, but good news. Silly & surprisingly educational, War on Consciousness Camera strapped to an Eagle Busy day for me today/tonight… doubt I’ll be … Continue reading

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Comet to hit Mars Oct. 2014, blast to be visible in daylight (article)

“…it should be simply spectacular. Given the unusual speed of the comet and the fact that it is travelling the wrong way round the sun, from a planet’s point of view, Mr Plait estimates that its impact should yield a … Continue reading

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