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The common roots of the worldly faiths (Documentary Link)

I have not posted in a while. Today I did some writing on a set of normative ethics which pertains to the all-too-human striving for happiness. I will post that another time when I have it more rounded out. It … Continue reading

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Concerning Death as either a cessation of existence or a transcendence of this reality.

Just as surely as life is occurring to that intelligible bit within you which some call a mind, and others a soul, you can be sure that one day this will cease to be. Death is what we call it. … Continue reading

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Maybe an open mind isn’t enough

I had a solid talk with a friend at school today. She was sorting through her world views and assessing doubts & beliefs, respectively. This wasn’t simply a matter of what food is best to eat, or whether war is … Continue reading

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God, the afterlife and abortion – you can’t talk about that.

I wasn’t going to write anything this evening, but a friend came and talked to me about abortion. …Really. Yes, someone thought that was an acceptable topic for casual conversation. Anyways. Abortion. It’s a tricky subject. I know those who … Continue reading

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