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Website hosting free* 60s sexploitation films

I accidentally Google-stumbled across this website while searching for a good version of the 1971 film, Vanishing Point. Looks like the website hosts films from the 60s, with plenty of sexploitation pieces. *By free I do not necessarily mean rightfully … Continue reading

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Salvador Dalí special

Good afternoon folks, I’ve got some some stuff to post. At present I am writing a paper on sexuality, specifically the object of sexual desire. The paper is coming along quite nicely, but goddamn… I am not the kind of … Continue reading

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Paris is burning [excellent documentary about cross-dressers in the bronx (1980s)]

Hey all, I watched this film last night with some academics, as part of a study on sexuality, and specifically gender. It’s an ongoing study, and as such I will probably be posting more things like this. As noted in … Continue reading

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Free film, Deep Cover (1992)

I have not been keeping up on my end of the bargain with respect to a ‘ “new” free film’ every Friday. Fridays have come and gone. Furthermore… this wasn’t even the original intention of this blog. But… yes, as … Continue reading

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Friday free film AND a lecture by Chris Hedges

Before I get to the Friday Film, here is Chris Hedges talking about injustice and corporate greed in Ameria and how Canada is going down the same path. For the Friday Free Film, here is Battle of Algiers (1966) This … Continue reading

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