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Religion, Demography and Politics – 2 talks | Free Oxford Philosophy Papers

Ho folks, Just some cool/interesting content today. First, a nice shot of the recent Perseid meteor shower. Click-through the image below to go to astronomy-world.com’s 2015 SKY EVENTS list. http://www.astronomy-world.com/2015-sky-events.html And now on to evolution, biological and cultural: Eric Kaufmann – Religion, Demography … Continue reading

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Rushed by alleged cannibals w/ blades, Attenborough extends his hand. Amazing. Such courage. Maybe stupidity. hmm but Attenborough is no fool… so it must be good-hearted courage. I wonder if the camera aids his courage, or if through his commitment … Continue reading

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What, of God, do we tell the children? And what of faith?

Below is a reprint of work I had published in 2010. It is as the title suggests, enjoy. What, of God, do we tell the children? And what of faith? Before we can answer these questions, we must first decide … Continue reading

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