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How I love you, and how I always forget.

Hello you, You who picks at pieces of animal flesh, of vegetable fiber, of grape skin from the calcified tissue set like so many rounded stalagmites and stalactites within your mouth. You who bites, masticates. You with your kisses to … Continue reading

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On Dharma, to action! [A short critique of Buddhism]

Note*: This has been edited, but it remains to be unclear. haha Being in the world, monad of the world, subject to the world, and the momentary master over it; I here contemplate the Dharma. In earlier posts, and works yet written, … Continue reading

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A word on the good; a rare glimpse of what I seldom share [universal morality]

Hello friend, I normally do not so easily let spill from my cup, the words of my heart. I am below to do so. Enjoy (or read with dismay if you are so inclined). That we cannot simply apprehend a … Continue reading

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The first day of my existence, perhaps

I woke this morning with a determination previously unknown to me at such an early hour. 6am the clock face read, red with a new message: Happy Birthday, Love mom. Out of the blankets, I moved into the living area … Continue reading

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Thoughts about now – J – [cool shit too]

Standing at the precipice, I feel the weight of my body planting my feet into the ground. Like a tree, I stand, a man,the beast – a dog. Through the finger-printed, sun-glazed window, I look upon objects which I do … Continue reading

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A truly excellent talk about dreaming, about the mind, about the process of… hardening, of calcification of the soul, as it were, which occurs as we get older. Fascinating enjoy, – J

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Books that MAKE the man/woman (excellent reading list)

I just came across this EXCELLENT collection of existentialist literature. Existentialism, as per its strict definition, isn’t quite so easy to pin down. The abridged definition, however, I believe I can here cover. Existentialism concerns itself with existence. It concerns … Continue reading

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Dr. Steven Greer on The Joe Rogan Experience (youtube)

mmm, this is quite interesting, a talk about consciousness, reality, something called “coherent thought”, and alien visitors. Enjoy,   – J p.s. I have a new project on the horizon that I will be posting here. It will be a … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Wake Up – We Are All One [insightful video]

Hello everyone. I have not been posting very frequently due to a book which I am presently putting together. I’m quite excited about it. Here is a link which goes over one of the central tenets of the political philosophy … Continue reading

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The present is the future, is the past: thoughts on pure existence.

I have many things in my head at the moment that I would like to get out. Assertions which I would like to share, and questions which I would like to ask. Really, I would like to (as I here … Continue reading

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