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Rebuttle on the previous | World peace in 20 years | a snapshot of our birth+

Having read the last post, I can’t help but feel conflicted; I’d like to respond to the piece, saying the author is too hawkish, but I would only be fighting myself. And, as I do not have the whole picture … Continue reading

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Open Acess Philosophy [Free Edu. videos]

Open Acess Philosophy [Free Edu. videos] Yale and MIT students promote open access to philosophy with website featuring pithy philosophy videos. Enjoy,  – J

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Follow the rules unless you’re making the rules ( playing Thrasymachus for a moment)

In keeping with my interest in writing something every day, I was going to post some fiction. However, perhaps I should bore you with that another time. I want to share a thought. A thought and a link to something… … Continue reading

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