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Words of a dream – 10/02/2014

A snippet of a dream which touched me in its simulated humanity. The surreal; an as yet unnoticed calmness crystallizing into his moving, thinking form. Through the doorway of which there is no door, he moves. Unbenounced to our hero, … Continue reading

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The moon, a dream

I shall here share a dream which I stirred from this morning. In said dream I am walking through a rural field toward a farm house. As we (myself and a couple friends) walk toward the home, the sun is … Continue reading

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Free Film Friday (on Saturday)

Tonight’s free online installment is ‘Waking Life’ (2001) I watched this film in 2011. After doing so, and after finding that close friends had seen it, I took it almost as an offense that they had not instructed me to … Continue reading

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