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Thoughts on nature & mind | Feynman on waves | Free Philosophy Courses

Word up world, I have been busy lately… well, I have been busy wasting away the days. I don’t use opiates, but Jesus, does it ever feel that I live such a life of wasteful, lavish, luxury. It’s a pity that … Continue reading

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A word in favour of net neutrality + a photo

I have been hard at work, and so I have been neglecting this space. Since the defeat of SOPA, measures against an open internet are again being pushed into place by the old boys with money. Here are a couple … Continue reading

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A word on the good, a hint at my heresy + Fujifilm X-M1

Ho world, you beautiful world you. I have not been posting much lately, as I have been quite busy. Also, I seem to have fallen back into the thinking that my greatest ideas are not meant for this medium. So, … Continue reading

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Unhinged in the city

‘Hello reader’ I write on my mirror. Sometimes, still holding the marker, I read these words and smirk. At other times, I look through the communique, and it is the verbose mess that I see. Like slices of some self, … Continue reading

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We’re up all night to get lucky | Origins of life and the earliest organisms

Ho friend, Sexy beat, a soft voice, and an already great song. I dig this. The original track (great album, you should buy it) Like those of any song to he or she who finds themselves within, the lyrics touch … Continue reading

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North Korea: Skeleton in the closet – elephant in the room.

Ho, peaceful persons. **an important note afterward Being in the both the column of ‘nothing new’ and ‘of great importance’, this piece of news struck me UN report on North Korea finds ‘atrocities like WW2’. I speak of peace and togetherness … Continue reading

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Follow the rules unless you’re making the rules ( playing Thrasymachus for a moment)

In keeping with my interest in writing something every day, I was going to post some fiction. However, perhaps I should bore you with that another time. I want to share a thought. A thought and a link to something… … Continue reading

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Alan Watts – On The Book of Eli

This is similar to what my last post ‘thoughts on pure existence.‘ Enjoy.   – j

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