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03/30/2015 – TPP | Chris Hedges on the next 50 years

Ho folks, Business interests are to this world as the massive Kraken is to the ship which it is squeezing, crushing, pulling beneath the waves. Of course, before the ship’s back is broken, we feast on the fruit of the … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges speaks at Connecticut Civil Liberties Conference

From the mouth of badass, man for humanity, Chris Hedges, “Our Only Hope Will Come Through Rebellion” [Link to Source truthdig.com] A note: Mr. Hedges is not calling for violence, but he is calling for action. The following was said at a … Continue reading

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Friday free film AND a lecture by Chris Hedges

Before I get to the Friday Film, here is Chris Hedges talking about injustice and corporate greed in Ameria and how Canada is going down the same path. For the Friday Free Film, here is Battle of Algiers (1966) This … Continue reading

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