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Asteroid with SIX comet tails discovered between Mars and Jupiter

A strange object with half a dozen comet-like tails has been spotted in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, leaving astronomers wondering what it could be.. – CBC.ca

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A short news piece, both fascinating and funny.

From ‘Oh David’, EP2 The letter reads, “I get lost in some parts and that’s why I stopped reading it the first time. But I went through it just now. There’s lots of poetic descriptions, which are mostly good, but … Continue reading

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Canada: A People’s History [17-Part video series]

From the youtube link: Episode 1 of the 17 episode CBC documentary “Canada: A People’s History” takes place between 15 000 BC and 1850 AD. This series originally aired in 2000. I’m certain this will be quite interesting and informative. … Continue reading

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A real treat of a post! Watch & share! [Free Massey Lectures]

This is not my own, but after having listened to it I am absolutely electrified! This is a series of lectures about the world, about the quantum  the atomic, the future, the past, life, technology, information, and the future where our … Continue reading

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