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Love, or some such thing | 20151008

Love It’s amazing how… mmm, how important mere touch can be, while at the same time being lesser than this noble idea of love. But what is more real, a physical act between two people, or some lofty, vague idea … Continue reading

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On attraction | History of Ancient Sex | Abuse of children

Good day world, On the weekend I was cruising around town, and I noticed an unusual number of women wearing short shorts, those of the tight variety which sometimes showcases the bottom of the ass cheeks peeking out, below the … Continue reading

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Laces come undone – thoughts on attraction, on distraction

Where was I? Ah yes, it is in this coffee shop that I finally bend down to retie my laces. Even when I am a little more measured in my movements, be it contemplation, a knowing of the moment, or mere … Continue reading

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