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Hilarious Hilarious Hilarious… Best of Batdad [youtube]

This is both amazingly humorous AND wholesome… it is a true internet rarity. Enjoy, – J Advertisements

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Joe Rogan Questions everything & How to dodge punches [youtube]

Afternoon! I am a big fan of Joe Rogan; I find his open mind quite a treat when it comes to his radio show. Now he has a Jessie Ventura-esq show about being a skeptic. Here is the first episode … Continue reading

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List of so-called ‘documentaries-for-awakening’ [videos]

Word up, I hope everyone’s tuesday has been painless, if not excellent. If it was boring, you’re near a computer, and you could pass the time by enjoying videos which range from intriguing to ridiculous, well, then this link is … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky: Why Marijuana is Illegal and Tobacco is Legal [video]

  One of my favourite men says it all.   – J

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Silly insight into nuclear geopolitics [WKYK -youtube]

I’m looking at you North Korea. Of course, with regard with nuclear weaponry as a deterrent and/or a tactical first strike, everyone who joins the club is responsible for the ensuant HELL. A Mexican standoff is one thing… a thermonuclear … Continue reading

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Political assassinations, kids with guns, and more guns [VICE]

Here is the first episode of VICE’s new HBO series. I really like their ‘get in there’ form of journalism. I’m sure the rest of the series will be excellent. Enjoy, – J

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How to SEE the blood vessels inside your own eye! [youtube]

On the weekend I was at a party, and amid all the conversation I began to tell a couple people how you can actually see the blood vessels inside your eyes. And as I spoke, everyone in the room stopped … Continue reading

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Dr. Sheila’s Robot and the Human Brain Project (comic & vid)

Robots: present joke, future quandary. I believe you will enjoy this short (9-frame) comic. It has humor and, I believe, an actual worry for the future. (link here, image below) The piece is by one ‘Jim Benton’. ( ) Suppose that … Continue reading

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Canada: A People’s History [17-Part video series]

From the youtube link: Episode 1 of the 17 episode CBC documentary “Canada: A People’s History” takes place between 15 000 BC and 1850 AD. This series originally aired in 2000. I’m certain this will be quite interesting and informative. … Continue reading

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Free film, Deep Cover (1992)

I have not been keeping up on my end of the bargain with respect to a ‘ “new” free film’ every Friday. Fridays have come and gone. Furthermore… this wasn’t even the original intention of this blog. But… yes, as … Continue reading

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