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Music | Consciousness | Extreme weather – 15/07/14

Ho folks, Some cool stuff below: music with light, a talk on consciousness, extreme weather, and a VICE interview with Afghan interpreters. David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness? [TED] (right in-line with my work) For a lighter note: big men … Continue reading

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Kenny is gross | Kinetic bombardment | 1 million fps bullet impacts

Hey, Just some links, nothing substantial by way of original thought. Terrible, but funny in a I hope it’s a joke sort of way Behind the Scenes of Kenny and Spenny’s Reddit AMA [Video, VICE] Below is a video by … Continue reading

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Crimea’s Attorney General, Natalia Poklonskaya speaks [English subtitles]

Ho. Appointed the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on March 11, 2014, here Natalia Poklonskaya speaks to an audience of reporters. Looking rather young for 34, Ms. Poklonskaya caused me to pause and consider what it would be … Continue reading

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North Korea: Skeleton in the closet – elephant in the room.

Ho, peaceful persons. **an important note afterward Being in the both the column of ‘nothing new’ and ‘of great importance’, this piece of news struck me UN report on North Korea finds ‘atrocities like WW2’. I speak of peace and togetherness … Continue reading

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A glimpse into the plight of the Syrian people

With much of the attention off of Syria, and onto Ukraine and the Olympics, I thought I would share some photos and information on the present state of the Syrian people.  From the U.N. Relief and Works Agency. Context: “It is … Continue reading

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Canada’s ex-defense minister on aliens, on war, and their aversion to us.

Given the size of the cosmos… the prevalence of life on Earth, and the above picture of Syria… perhaps Canada’s ex-defense minister isn’t so far off… Canada’s ex-defense minister: Aliens would give us more tech if we’d stop wars Continuing … Continue reading

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The story is titled ‘Полигон’. It’s a Russian piece about the troubles of war and of technological innovation toward that end. It’s so surreal, I love it. Enjoy, – J

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Silly insight into nuclear geopolitics [WKYK -youtube]

I’m looking at you North Korea. Of course, with regard with nuclear weaponry as a deterrent and/or a tactical first strike, everyone who joins the club is responsible for the ensuant HELL. A Mexican standoff is one thing… a thermonuclear … Continue reading

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Political assassinations, kids with guns, and more guns [VICE]

Here is the first episode of VICE’s new HBO series. I really like their ‘get in there’ form of journalism. I’m sure the rest of the series will be excellent. Enjoy, – J

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Graphic: North Korea’s Conventional Arms

Quite a bit of fireworks if the firework factory were to burn. Direct link below:

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