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Sam Harris on JRE, talking about the mind, the soul, morality, et al.

Ho Cosmic beings, In my ongoing effort to communicate my philosophy/ideology and the consequent imperatives… though I am no closer than I was yesterday, I have found a book which may communicate much of the same. It’s bizarre, even some … Continue reading

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11/07/14 – Update & News

Ho reader, Again, I have been neglecting this project -o- mine. I’ve been focusing on my main project, my fiction, and certain consumer goods which I have come into the possession of… Let me share some stuff below that has … Continue reading

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A troubling view of Democracy [00:02:15] | Celebration of Carl Sagan [2:07:50]

Ho reader, I have been doing good work this weekend. I hope you too can find some time to work on what matters to you, to let out what art is within. To begin, a video on how well (rather, how … Continue reading

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Amazing firefighter rescue – Houston FD 25/03/2014

Amazing Fire Near AIG Campus And for some perspective on the blaze Houston Fire 3/25/14 (Video Time Lapse) A better video of a worker who was stranded on the top floor of an apartment complex that burned in Houston [Liveleak] … Continue reading

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Funny stuff for your weekend! [videos and art]

So, today I am writing (it’s already past due) a paper on sex and gender. I don’t expect to get a particularly good grade on it, as I will be speaking mostly from my own mind, rather than citing and … Continue reading

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SNL, Free Red Alert (pc game), largest bomb footage, and an early shot of Niagara Falls

Composite image of the Ring Nebula Grand Canyon Timelapse of rare temperature inversion The Shooting AKA Dear Sister Two Chinook helicopters flying low over a lake (I love Chinooks) The Chinook Helicopter has always reminded me of the RTS Red … Continue reading

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Ukraine protests, the man beneath the sea, gravity and ISON,

Saturn’s Southern Aurora, taken 18-10-2013 [OS][1024×576] [VIDEO] Front lines of the protests in Ukraine Raw: Divers Find Man Alive in Sunken Tugboat (30 meters down for days, alone) Link to longer version of the above video Comet ISON’s Full Perihelion … Continue reading

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Our solar system, Terrence McKenna, HD skydiver collision, and Alan Watts

The Solar System — our home in space, an excellent video on our solar system Orson Welles… Badass Magician Extraordinaire A Renault F1 engine being over revved to mark the end of the V8 era Experiencing Psychosis with Digital LSD … Continue reading

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Black Friday ‘Supercut’, Polenböller, creepy art & whatnot

Black Friday Shopping Chaos [Super Cut Compilation] Some creepy art from Polish painter Zdzislaw Beksinski Подборка ДТП со словом БЛ*ТЬ (or how to say Fuck in Russian) Polenböller, the orgasm illustrated Russian Road Rage and Car Crashes May 2013 Watch a … Continue reading

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Aeon Flux – Teddy Bear – Music | Sunday Art

Best of Japanese Independent Animation clips 1-3 Battle Royal [Full film] Project A-ko: Uncivil Wars English Dubbed ova 1 Eric Prydz – Call On Me Climb to 1,700 feet [liveleak] Liquid Television (old MTV insanity) Some Aeon Flux clips (full … Continue reading

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