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Thoughts on nature & mind | Feynman on waves | Free Philosophy Courses

Word up world, I have been busy lately… well, I have been busy wasting away the days. I don’t use opiates, but Jesus, does it ever feel that I live such a life of wasteful, lavish, luxury. It’s a pity that … Continue reading

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A word on the good, a hint at my heresy + Fujifilm X-M1

Ho world, you beautiful world you. I have not been posting much lately, as I have been quite busy. Also, I seem to have fallen back into the thinking that my greatest ideas are not meant for this medium. So, … Continue reading

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Everything is beautiful: the mediated world of persons

Everything is beautiful. People especially, animals too. Vistas and tastes, sounds and symmetry alight in each of us whole worlds of meaning. It is for this reason that the construct of the person has such intrinsic worth; the world is internalized, … Continue reading

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