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Nonsense | Good sense | Foucault | et al

Nonsense Good sense – Jacque Fresco – A Story of Change (Venus Project) Foucault discusses his work in “Madness and Civilization” [+ link to article on video] Royal Marine Commandos- HAND TO HAND COMBAT A plan promising pre-industrial CO2 levels, and … Continue reading

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A new way to view stress (TED talk) + CBT

Good Thursday folks, I came across a TED talk last night which looks at stress not as the ‘RED ALERT’ which many of us perceive it as, but as the body preparing to give us a greater ability to cope … Continue reading

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The relativity of speed, of rest – Animated Ted Talk

I always toyed with notions along this line. So, when I saw this I naturally thought to post it here. Enjoy How fast are you moving right now? – Tucker Hiatt – J

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