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Grey autumn day; editorial corrections — 2020-10-21

I’m not going to take 4chan as a source, and they are not going to take NPR as a source. I will be dubious of the GOP-controlled senate, and they will be dismissive of the Democrat-controlled house. Continue reading

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Crimea’s Attorney General, Natalia Poklonskaya speaks [English subtitles]

Ho. Appointed the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on March 11, 2014, here Natalia Poklonskaya speaks to an audience of reporters. Looking rather young for 34, Ms. Poklonskaya caused me to pause and consider what it would be … Continue reading

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neo-pterodactyls and the elite | NASA: inequity will end civilization

Ho reader, A talk on humanity, on the future, on civilization, on hopelessness, and hope, and hope. First some housekeeping. It was decided by the editorial board (with only half abstaining), a unanimous decision to spend the purse (one recovered … Continue reading

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Washington, Illinois, hit by powerful tornado [Short while ago]

CBC story on the event Huffington Post story on the event Terrified, people huddle in their home, as one man prays for their safety. Tornado 11-17-2013 Coal City, Wilmington, IL RAW VIDEO Below is a Reddit forum thread with lots … Continue reading

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A short news piece, both fascinating and funny.

From ‘Oh David’, EP2 The letter reads, “I get lost in some parts and that’s why I stopped reading it the first time. But I went through it just now. There’s lots of poetic descriptions, which are mostly good, but … Continue reading

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Space weather, steps against child exploitation, and space

Afternoon, Here’s your fix of space weather this afternoon from Suspicious0bservers In the news, bad news for some parents and children-alike… but as a whole, I believe this is a step in the right direction. French lawmakers ban child beauty contests … Continue reading

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