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Thoughts on nature & mind | Feynman on waves | Free Philosophy Courses

Word up world, I have been busy lately… well, I have been busy wasting away the days. I don’t use opiates, but Jesus, does it ever feel that I live such a life of wasteful, lavish, luxury. It’s a pity that … Continue reading

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ultra-orthodox Pink Floyd | Religious deceit | Mother wildebeest | Kurt Cobain on Identity (PBS)

פינקפלויד חרדי בירושלים – Pink Floyd beautifully played by ultra-orthodox guy Study: Religious more likely to lie for financial gain Mother wildebeest rams leopard to save baby Kurt Cobain on Identity – A long lost interview from 1993 | Blank … Continue reading

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A simple moment, satisfaction – the society trap and Spain

Hello world, A simple moment occurred to me not long ago, and I thought that I might share. I was, as the secure and well-fed do so well, sitting on my ass, and thinking of myself. Focused on my belly, my hunger, … Continue reading

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Follow a Jaguar as he/she expertly stalks a crocodile.

– J

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Space Weather, Philosophy, Nature, real life LASER RIFLE!

Good Morning, lots of cool stuff for you today. Working hours – Get a life The 8 Things You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful “the ten best articles published in philosophy [of 2013]” and a … Continue reading

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Scale of the Universe (an interactive infographic)

It’s all about perspective. Let’s step into the eyes of a demigod and see what’s what, and what (as far as our science can reason) underpins it. Enjoy, – J

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A real treat of a post! Watch & share! [Free Massey Lectures]

This is not my own, but after having listened to it I am absolutely electrified! This is a series of lectures about the world, about the quantum  the atomic, the future, the past, life, technology, information, and the future where our … Continue reading

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Please excuse my digression…

No, do not excuse this digression. For, it really is not in any sense a straying from the tenets of this blog, nor of my thoughts. It is these thoughts of mine, freely expressed, which has been lacking on this … Continue reading

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Australian politician talks about Agenda 21 [youtube]

Below is a video of Ann Bressington talking about Agenda 21. From what I understand, Agenda 21 seeks to achieve necessary ends, but by dishonest and obfuscated means. This suggests further lies and problems ahead, and perhaps even dissolution and … Continue reading

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