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Letting go of who you are – sensory deprivation chamber [Joe Rogan talk]

Will be doing this in the near future. The Sensory Deprivation Tank – Joe Rogan   – J

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Meditation break

If you have five minutes to spare today, I highly recommend watching this video at 1080p, with sound and undivided attention; it is (figuratively speaking) the most serene experience. Enjoy, – J

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Dr. Steven Greer on The Joe Rogan Experience (youtube)

mmm, this is quite interesting, a talk about consciousness, reality, something called “coherent thought”, and alien visitors. Enjoy,   – J p.s. I have a new project on the horizon that I will be posting here. It will be a … Continue reading

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The present is the future, is the past: thoughts on pure existence.

I have many things in my head at the moment that I would like to get out. Assertions which I would like to share, and questions which I would like to ask. Really, I would like to (as I here … Continue reading

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