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A new theory of time | the source of consciousness | robot-workers revolution

Ho world, I just finished watching Neil Degrasse Tyson’s reboot of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. At present, I am actually about 1/5th into Carl Sagan’s book of the same title. What a wonderful human Carl turned out to be. *sigh* I digress. … Continue reading

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A word on the good, a hint at my heresy + Fujifilm X-M1

Ho world, you beautiful world you. I have not been posting much lately, as I have been quite busy. Also, I seem to have fallen back into the thinking that my greatest ideas are not meant for this medium. So, … Continue reading

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A paper on Sex and Gender

note: a disclaimer below Sex and gender In this paper I will define sex and gender; I will distinguish one from the other, and then I will illuminate how they are so connected to essentially be as one. Joan Roughgarden … Continue reading

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Russell Brand calls for REVOLUTION [video]

He’s got my vote (figuratively speaking). Story on Gawker

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August 26th, 2032, 1 in 63,000 chance Earth is struck by massive asteroid

1 in 63,000 kind of sucks. Sure, if you’re in a group of people 63,000 large, and one of you is to be killed, you might not need to worry. But, the stakes here are far greater than your little … Continue reading

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Books that MAKE the man/woman (excellent reading list)

I just came across this EXCELLENT collection of existentialist literature. Existentialism, as per its strict definition, isn’t quite so easy to pin down. The abridged definition, however, I believe I can here cover. Existentialism concerns itself with existence. It concerns … Continue reading

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Human DNA crafted by intelligent life? (scientific paper incl)

“WE ARE STAR PEOPLE: Scientific proof we were created by aliens” Above is how the attached article words its headline, but I don’t believe I’ll go so far. Basically what is here being said is that within our DNA … Continue reading

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Dr. Sheila’s Robot and the Human Brain Project (comic & vid)

Robots: present joke, future quandary. I believe you will enjoy this short (9-frame) comic. It has humor and, I believe, an actual worry for the future. (link here, image below) The piece is by one ‘Jim Benton’. ( ) Suppose that … Continue reading

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A real treat of a post! Watch & share! [Free Massey Lectures]

This is not my own, but after having listened to it I am absolutely electrified! This is a series of lectures about the world, about the quantum  the atomic, the future, the past, life, technology, information, and the future where our … Continue reading

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Please excuse my digression…

No, do not excuse this digression. For, it really is not in any sense a straying from the tenets of this blog, nor of my thoughts. It is these thoughts of mine, freely expressed, which has been lacking on this … Continue reading

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