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The Holy Gospel of the Easter Rabbit

The Holy Gospel of the Easter Rabbit (from the folks at Poykpak) – J  

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THE BIG LEZ SHOW – A silly, stupid, funny cartoon

A strange show, the whole show, written/voiced/animated by some Australian kids. Short episodes, worth some good laughs. It should play one episode after another. The second I like more than the first. The silliness goes on. – J  

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Where am I? What is my name? hurrr hur rrrrrrr

*cough* Too late to edit what I just wrote. So enjoy these instead? The Best of Itchy and Scratchy Toxic Holocaust – Acid Fuzz (Official) Harvard Sailing Team – Digiorno Addiction – Review – Comedy Central [Cocaine is amazing?] 11 … Continue reading

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We’re up all night to get lucky | Origins of life and the earliest organisms

Ho friend, Sexy beat, a soft voice, and an already great song. I dig this. The original track (great album, you should buy it) Like those of any song to he or she who finds themselves within, the lyrics touch … Continue reading

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Joe Rogan hams it up with Duncan Trussell, Christopher Ryan

Word up, I am such a fan of Joe Rogan. In my imaginary reality where I have to go to Mars University, Joe Rogan would definitely be one of my roommates, along with Carl Sagan, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. The three of … Continue reading

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Black Books UK Season 1 – 3 [youtube]

Although I am here posting distractions, I am getting good work done in my own life. On the above thought, perhaps you should bookmark this, and then get back to what you’re actually supposed to be doing at the moment. … Continue reading

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Hilarious Kleenex review from an overworked, desperate mother.

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Some cool stuff – Ambiguous post 4FD (A2)

As mentioned before, I like helicopters. Flying, awesome. Easy choice. Helicopters? If planes (cutting through the air, inertia and all) were on rails, then a helicopter would be balanced on the tip of your finger; up and down — a … Continue reading

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Funny stuff for your weekend! [videos and art]

So, today I am writing (it’s already past due) a paper on sex and gender. I don’t expect to get a particularly good grade on it, as I will be speaking mostly from my own mind, rather than citing and … Continue reading

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Music – Art – WWII history in Alaska – Grand Duchess Anastasia & Bob Newhart

Ho, Gesaffelstein | Pursuit Wilkinson – Afterglow Some old-school humour, Bob Newhart skit on Tobacco Looks like someone legally recorded the Top Gear Live in Amsterdam, 2013 STS-51F launch, abort & landing (7-29-85) House of Cosbys – The whole series is … Continue reading

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