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The quantum nature of consciousness | a short film about the multiverse :11/11/2014

Ho folks, Below is a short film about the multiverse, well, the idea of the existence of an infinite plurality of causally-determined paths, entire worlds that are said to exist because you chose a red shirt rather than a blue … Continue reading

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0.58 Gigapixel photo of the Moon aka a very satisfying fullscreen experience

Word, I do so enjoy starting with a word from myself. Checkout the link after this example image of the moon which I have provided in the event that your hair parents have raised you to use the hair on … Continue reading

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The Universe, art, trees, thought… sand through the looking glass, into your iris

Ho reader, Strange title, no? If this thing persists into my more adult years (and if I have not since distanced myself from it in a futile effort to become someone who I am not), then I may switch to … Continue reading

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Aeon Flux – Teddy Bear – Music | Sunday Art

Best of Japanese Independent Animation clips 1-3 Battle Royal [Full film] Project A-ko: Uncivil Wars English Dubbed ova 1 Eric Prydz – Call On Me Climb to 1,700 feet [liveleak] Liquid Television (old MTV insanity) Some Aeon Flux clips (full … Continue reading

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Animals have conscious awareness. Thoughts and video.

To begin, an article Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us It’s symbolic, but it’s also about time we saw something like this. To myself, it is just intuitively clear that they are as we … Continue reading

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Halloween – Shining Photos, scary stuff, and a Sam Harris talk! (very cool)

Happy Halloween, folks, I’ve got some cool stuff for you, but first, the feature, a talk with Sam Harris. FeatureA very interesting Joe Rogan talk with Neuroscientist, philosopher, writer Sam Harris, author of the New York Times bestsellers, The End of Faith, Letter to … Continue reading

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Website hosting free* 60s sexploitation films

I accidentally Google-stumbled across this website while searching for a good version of the 1971 film, Vanishing Point. Looks like the website hosts films from the 60s, with plenty of sexploitation pieces. *By free I do not necessarily mean rightfully … Continue reading

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A fine Friday morning, some content for you

Hello all, I hope your day is going well. Yes, it is indeed the weekend… that’s good insofar as we get to do those things which make us happy. But, wouldn’t life be better if we could do such things, … Continue reading

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Amazing short film from TIFF, set entirely on a computer screen.

This short film blew me away. Give it the serious watch it deserves. I am quite thankful that I grew up for a time without the internet, because life with the internet is a different beast altogether. This film touches … Continue reading

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The story is titled ‘Полигон’. It’s a Russian piece about the troubles of war and of technological innovation toward that end. It’s so surreal, I love it. Enjoy, – J

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