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BBC Human Universe | S01 E01 | Apeman – Spaceman | 10/11/2014

Good morning fellow humans, fellow inanimate objects capable of cognition. Below is a sponsored youtube video featuring the first episode of BBC’s The Human Universe.  This is said to be very much like the Cosmos series, and so I have no … Continue reading

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On attraction | History of Ancient Sex | Abuse of children

Good day world, On the weekend I was cruising around town, and I noticed an unusual number of women wearing short shorts, those of the tight variety which sometimes showcases the bottom of the ass cheeks peeking out, below the … Continue reading

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Hiroshima anime, man goes homeless for a week, Life and Donuts

Constantinos Hinis – Deep space, deep in the forest. “There are tons of photos of the Milky Way on its own, but I find that including the foreground gives a different perspective.” Barefoot Gen, Hiroshima Destroyed Man goes homeless for … Continue reading

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Shane Smith, Eddie Huang with Joe Rogan on China, geopolitics, + French girl lives with the animals

Joe Rogan Experience #430 – Shane Smith, Eddie Huang Le Monde selon Tippi 1997 – J

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Animals have conscious awareness. Thoughts and video.

To begin, an article Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us It’s symbolic, but it’s also about time we saw something like this. To myself, it is just intuitively clear that they are as we … Continue reading

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Space, Life, Neitzsche

Hey peeps, Astronaut Chris Hadfield interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulis (Full 30 minute interview) “These Drones Attack Us and the Whole World is Silent”: New Film Exposes Secret U.S. War Below are some documentaries about The Universe, The Solar System, Life, … Continue reading

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Death, aging, easting disorders, Childish Gambino, overfishing, and the very funny Randy Marsh!

A very deep, dark, saddening video about people who must confront death with a clear mind. [Very, very gruesome story, be warned] On that same thread of death… how about aging? 10 Incredible GIFs Showing How Aging Changes Our Appear … Continue reading

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Salvador Dalí special

Good afternoon folks, I’ve got some some stuff to post. At present I am writing a paper on sexuality, specifically the object of sexual desire. The paper is coming along quite nicely, but goddamn… I am not the kind of … Continue reading

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Paris is burning [excellent documentary about cross-dressers in the bronx (1980s)]

Hey all, I watched this film last night with some academics, as part of a study on sexuality, and specifically gender. It’s an ongoing study, and as such I will probably be posting more things like this. As noted in … Continue reading

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