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New Sagan Series, DIY Microscope, Bertrand Russell

Hey folks, here’s some interesting stuff Cylindrical ghetto in South Africa The beginning of the new Sagan series Bertrand Russel interview /w advice to the future. Turn your smartphone into a DIY microscope And… well, this is particularly silly…   … Continue reading

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From $1,300 to $350 /month, a home [article /video]

As a renter, I find the idea of signing a mortgage to be quite difficult. The idea of signing your life away for ~25 years is quite… daunting, to say the least. This raises a question, should a home cost … Continue reading

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How to SEE the blood vessels inside your own eye! [youtube]

On the weekend I was at a party, and amid all the conversation I began to tell a couple people how you can actually see the blood vessels inside your eyes. And as I spoke, everyone in the room stopped … Continue reading

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