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Surrender of the individual to the universal | Adorno’s Minima Moralia | Aldous Huxley 1958

“The specific approach of Minima Moralia, the attempt to represent moments of a common philosophy from the standpoint of subjective experience, means that the pieces do not entirely measure up to the philosophy, of which they are nevertheless a part. This … Continue reading

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The Mike Wallace Interview: Erich Fromm (1958-05-25) #CriticalTheory

Ho viewer, Here is a snippet from the past, a 1958 interview with Erich Fromm by Mike Wallace. The two men cover such things as man’s alienation, objectification, and generally ideas for which the Frankfurt School is known (though Fromm was not a part of) of … Continue reading

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La Société du spectacle – Society of the Spectacle [film]

Society of the Spectacle uses found footage and detournement in a radical Marxist critique of mass marketing and its role in the alienation of modern society. The Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord (1973) dub fr sub The Society of … Continue reading

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Capitalism vs. Democracy – Thomas B. Edsall + Critical Theory

Ho reader, Below is a somewhat dry article which projects a divide and downfall in our collective economic future. Thankfully it also suggests a solution, not that I am able to properly weigh in on whether it’s good or not. … Continue reading

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