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McKenna on creativity | Sagan on Earth | 021715

To say that I have been neglecting this blog is an understatement. I have been putting all of my energies onto my primary project. The status of that project? Stalled. It is very disheartening to see so much valuable time … Continue reading

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A troubling view of Democracy [00:02:15] | Celebration of Carl Sagan [2:07:50]

Ho reader, I have been doing good work this weekend. I hope you too can find some time to work on what matters to you, to let out what art is within. To begin, a video on how well (rather, how … Continue reading

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New Sagan Series, DIY Microscope, Bertrand Russell

Hey folks, here’s some interesting stuff Cylindrical ghetto in South Africa The beginning of the new Sagan series Bertrand Russel interview /w advice to the future. Turn your smartphone into a DIY microscope And… well, this is particularly silly…   … Continue reading

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