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Earth, an HD live stream, Psychedelic Art,

The greatest selfie of them all: Earth, a live stream (double entendre?) The power of community, of convention, an incredibly hypnotizing religious ceremony: the circle dance by Sufi Zikr Twenty-six paintings depicting the psychedelic/religious experience by Alex Grey. And Alex Grey‘s website … Continue reading

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Kenny is gross | Kinetic bombardment | 1 million fps bullet impacts

Hey, Just some links, nothing substantial by way of original thought. Terrible, but funny in a I hope it’s a joke sort of way Behind the Scenes of Kenny and Spenny’s Reddit AMA [Video, VICE] Below is a video by … Continue reading

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Todd Margaret/Cool sTuff poSt m-000,000,446.01

The work of the Artist Roger Dean Word up, I haven’t posted in a little. Here is the predictable backup of cool things which I have come across. I would at first like to suggest a show on Netflix, The Increasingly Poor … Continue reading

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A nude pretty lady, the thin line of art, and ‘the man’ watching your porn

Hello morally upstanding reader, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you did not arrive here, a bib around your neck, looking for something savory with… perhaps unsavory intentions. I have been posting fairly regularly, but to … Continue reading

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Music – Art – WWII history in Alaska – Grand Duchess Anastasia & Bob Newhart

Ho, Gesaffelstein | Pursuit Wilkinson – Afterglow Some old-school humour, Bob Newhart skit on Tobacco Looks like someone legally recorded the Top Gear Live in Amsterdam, 2013 STS-51F launch, abort & landing (7-29-85) House of Cosbys – The whole series is … Continue reading

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Beauty, chaos, tragedy, and order; assassination of Kennedy, music, lightning and art

Our moon, the sun of the night. It is but lifeless physics, of rock and dust. To repeat, to the question ‘Does the sun shine on the dark side of the moon, the answer – news to me – yes, … Continue reading

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Aeon Flux – Teddy Bear – Music | Sunday Art

Best of Japanese Independent Animation clips 1-3 Battle Royal [Full film] Project A-ko: Uncivil Wars English Dubbed ova 1 Eric Prydz – Call On Me Climb to 1,700 feet [liveleak] Liquid Television (old MTV insanity) Some Aeon Flux clips (full … Continue reading

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Dope Artness | Digestible Existentialism | DadaLifeLava

Behold, the middle of our galaxy, the Milky Way, way up there. In my more formative years, I was always perplexed by the idea that we could see the Milky Way in the sky, and that we were a part of … Continue reading

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Machine with Concrete – Arthur Ganson

“This machine was inspired by dreaming about gear ratios and considering the unexpected implications of exponential powers.” – from YT video A kinetic sculpture of connected gears called “Machine with Concrete.” The 1st gear turns at 200 rpm and the … Continue reading

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High art, DIY emergency generator, space, Edison film

Hey, I am presently working on some editorial that I can pump through this thing in a feature I am calling ‘No one asked for my opinion’. Keep your eyes open for that. In the mean time, here is some … Continue reading

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