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Hiroshima anime, man goes homeless for a week, Life and Donuts

Constantinos Hinis – Deep space, deep in the forest. “There are tons of photos of the Milky Way on its own, but I find that including the foreground gives a different perspective.” Barefoot Gen, Hiroshima Destroyed Man goes homeless for … Continue reading

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Letting go of who you are – sensory deprivation chamber [Joe Rogan talk]

Will be doing this in the near future. The Sensory Deprivation Tank – Joe Rogan   – J

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Charlie Brooker’s 2013 Wipe

  – J

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Story From North America + The Daily Routines of Famous Writers

Story From North America The Daily Routines of Famous Writers by Maria Popova (link below) “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” Hunter S. Thompson on Letterman, 11/25/88 … Continue reading

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[Comic + Vid] Alan Watts on desire, on a life without money

What if Money Was No Object – Alan Watts Peace – J  

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A scroll-friendly blog – a word about the pause

Word up folks, Merry Christmas / Hanukkah / Festivus from Jacque Fresco I guess that was more a word toward consumerism, general division among peoples, apathy between individuals. Bleh, here’s a nice song to cleanse the palette from these negative (though quite … Continue reading

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Hilarious Kleenex review from an overworked, desperate mother.

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Shane Smith, Eddie Huang with Joe Rogan on China, geopolitics, + French girl lives with the animals

Joe Rogan Experience #430 – Shane Smith, Eddie Huang Le Monde selon Tippi 1997 – J

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Hype Machine most-favourited tracks of 2013 (a lot of cool stuff)

So, yeah… the picture format I used for the last post was pretty dumb. Sorry about that. Here`s something rad to make up for it, Hype Machine`s most-favourited tracks of 2013 [Third episode of] Rick and Morty: Watch “Anatomy Park” … Continue reading

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Some cool stuff – Ambiguous post 4FD (A2)

As mentioned before, I like helicopters. Flying, awesome. Easy choice. Helicopters? If planes (cutting through the air, inertia and all) were on rails, then a helicopter would be balanced on the tip of your finger; up and down — a … Continue reading

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