Hubble found one of the oldest galaxies we’ve ever seen, and it just may change how we understand the universe

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The Hubble Space Telescope might be 24 years old, but it’s still making discoveries that are changing the way we see and understand our universe. Hubble’s latest feat was to image one of the faintest, smallest, and oldest galaxies astronomers have ever seen.

The galaxy’s light took 13 billion light years to reach Earth, and astronomers estimate that it formed when our universe was only 500 million years old. Although 500 million years is long time for us, it is miniscule compared to the age of our universe, 13.8 billion years.

Astronomers know of only about ten other galaxies that formed so soon after the Big Bang. This newly discovered galaxy, however, is significantly smaller and fainter than the others.

They were able to find it due to gravity’s crazy ability to bend light. Researchers aimed Hubble at the three massive galaxy clusters, shown in the boxes in this image…

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