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Word up world,

I have been busy lately… well, I have been busy wasting away the days.
I don’t use opiates, but Jesus, does it ever feel that I live such a life of
wasteful, lavish, luxury. It’s a pity that sources of energy, as dictated by the prevailing world order, must rule us so.

Earlier today I heard on the radio, or read somewhere, that ‘so long as the fish bites the bait, man will be as he is’, or something to that effect.

This speaks to ideas as human nature, or the nature of whatever particular creature is so affected by the world, and of its own complex neural constitution that it believes the awareness of the machine affects in a great way the ends and means of its operation, that the mind rules the body, and to hell with the world beyond.

Of course, we know that the machine only appears to be wrapped around a mind, while in reality the machine is a crashing wave, breaking against the wave of the environment; both of them, and everything, jostling waves in an ocean that is gap-less, boundless, and expanding infinitely.

The mind is the global organization of the body in the world, and it seems to us to reside in the brain of the creature so minded. It seems that the partial isolation of the body from the world is what gives rise to the self; the mind is merely (ha!) the incredible evolved complexity of the functions of the brain, and the brain is the function of the body, and the body is in effect the cosmos itself partly isolated in a vessel.

This is no different from the early cell wall which gave the cell form, and allowed nutrients and information to enter, while pushing out waste.

In either case, of the cell or the human of many cells, it is when enough complexity has been evolved to allow for large amounts of information to be retained and sufficiently processed, digested, reflected upon that the mind, this that categorizes and names the world, finds itself. Of course, as the Buddhists have found, the self is not found, it is created. But if, the natural ebb and flow of material and energy, according to the immutable laws of nature there comes to be life, and life develops when conditions allow it, and the mind is something of a triangle which exists by the very nature of the Cosmos, then what we create in the formation of our identities, surely is real, and good, and valuable.

I say so much, but do I say anything good?

By saying all this of the mind and the brain, and awareness being an effect of the isolation of complex systems from a world (which it is) with which it must survive, push through, overcome.

But what must we overcome but ourselves?

Well, we are the world.

It’s a funny thing, the Cosmos. It has a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion (trillion-trillion) eyes and eye-like organs, but for each set, and each individual eye, there is a mind that knows that perspective not as the whole of the Cosmos, but as that corner of it, and surely for the benefit of the Cosmos as a whole.

So yes, we really ought to treat our environment differently.


All these words of overcoming and care for the environment, how much are they worth, really? I recently purchased a car, a petrol engine, and to be precise one which is performance oriented. Yes, I did buy it for independence, but I also bought it to feed my ego, and to derive pleasure from base activities like consumerism, joyrides (aka, using dirty energy to no good end beyond fleeting happiness).

I really must get this life of mine in order.

Work stresses me out, and I return home tired, uninspired, a little defeated. And I believe this feeling is one of domestication. For, truly what I wish to do is to go relax and read, and take time to see the world, and to put my mind toward an effort which would do for the world, all the generations which will follow the living, something good.

If you’re a billionaire, and you wish to fund someone who is polite and pensive, then please drop me a line. hahaha, ughh… yes.

The real joke is that I already have such allowances. I work for a wage, and I come home. Sure, the work which I do is of no good consequence to the humanity and life more generally, but it allows me to live as I do, and to pursue those avenues which I deem appropriate to what ends and means of life which I value.

I just need to stop being such a layabout, and focus again on what matters. Human life, the alleviation of human suffering, and the flourishing of this species and of all life everywhere.

I should bring into my home a large grow lamp, and grow for myself beautiful flowers. Or, of course, I could convince someone lovely to stick around, and to bring me fresh flowers, and to act as my muse to whom I may give flowers all the same.

Well, here are some nifty links which I have been interested in as of late.
Perhaps check them out?

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Of the above link (this is a link too).

Sitting on the waterside, looking at the way that waves can propagate through one another in a myriad of different directions… I am grateful to hear this man speak on the subject.

Richard Feynman describes the in-fact inconceivable nature of our eyes [Youtube]

A core aspect of modern philosophy, a true insight into the nature of our experience with the highest level of reality, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Wireless Philosophy: Kahn Academy’s free and accessible introductory videos to many topics and issues in philosophy

Khanacademy philosophy

Khanacademy philosophy (as above)

Your greater life in 6 minutes

Four billion years of evolution in six minutes | Prosanta Chakrabarty

And a little ditty that I enjoyed today, to close.

Rubblebucket – “Carousel Ride”


– J

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