On attraction | History of Ancient Sex | Abuse of children

Good day world,

On the weekend I was cruising around town, and I noticed an unusual number of women wearing short shorts, those of the tight variety which sometimes showcases the bottom of the ass cheeks peeking out, below the material.

Normally this would not be worthy of mention, but as of late (perhaps it is the heat) I have noticed that we are no longer looking to hide the bottom of the ass when these garments are worn. We are entering a post-asscoverage era.

And this brings me to my next point, my only point, the reason for this post.

I have been grappling for some time now this idea of attraction; it seems that attraction deals with something Freudian, something deep within us, and as a result, it can often push us in directions and into endeavors which act to oppose our ideals and life plans more generally. Of course, we may also find that our ideals and life plans are in perfect harmony with the appeals of the flesh; here, I am reminded of the blinding light of youth. hmm, I am also reminded (relieved too) that I am not yet too far from the stupefying effects of youth.

To the point: I feel as though attraction, specifically the kind of attraction which is crafted with care, is like the chosen lure of a fisherman (fisherperson?). Really. It is as though I am a fish, and what I choose to be important in my life is the gilded hook, the golden barb which others have crafted to capture someone like me.

This is a late realization for me, and I know that it is apt, as it is causing me to reflect on my practice of letting my loins control so much of my reality.

Were a nice young lady to court me, or to in her own way solicit my courting, even if we have a ton in common, and are practically complementary to one another with regard to interests and life goals, I may still pass this person by because some other girl has put on some array of clothing, put together some way of walking…

In effect, someone could be putting on a show, someone could be concealing who they are… and I would be as the fish looking for a bite, completely taken, utterly fucked (at first in the good sense) with a hook through my head (this would be the bad sense).

Saying this aloud, typing it for all (re: few) to read, I am struck again… first by the realization that I am a fool, and that by lusting after (longing for) delicate looking things in dresses, I am inviting myself to be hypnotized, I am asking to be taken hook, line and sinker by any woman who dances the particular dance.

Secondly, I am confronted with the realization that this is so much a part of me… that I cannot behave opposite this. Well, I suppose I could, but I will not in the same way that I will not cease to enjoy nice cheese, wanting nice cheese.

Cheese in nice.
The female form is beautiful (to me).


I’m a fish, and though a nice worm would hit the spot, I really ought to fucking know that worms tend not to float on their own accord.

Also, while we are on the topic of sex, what the fuck, what the f-u-c-k is up with this.

Pope Francis says about 8,000 pedophiles are members of Catholic clergy, including bishops and cardinals [National Post]

1. Amazing work of Pope Francis.

In my view, he is either 100% responsible for keeping the Catholic church alive, or he is 100% responsible for keeping it going for a little longer. The gotti bullshit of Pope’s passed would not, could not have survived this information coming out.

1b. The above is probably the reason why he was elected as Pope.

If they had someone else who could not do the Jesus routine (love thy neighbor, shake hands with the unwashed, love the gays) during this time of access to information, then the Catholic Church would have hastened its advance into oblivion.

2.  Though I say that I want to live such and such a life (wed a beautiful -inside and out- person with whom I can share my life and inner most thoughts) and I find it difficult to adhere to so straight a path… this is not anything even fucking remotely close to the fucking horrendous bullshit perpetrated by those in power who take advantage of children.

Holy shit. Really. Let’s break this out so that we can clearly see how truly fucked up this is.

It is wrong to abuse children, and I believe it to be VERY wrong to sexually abuse children. I say this because being a child is supposed to be awesome. I say this because when one isn’t a child any more and sex is a big deal in one’s life, you want to be able to remember your innocent times, and you are going to want to be able to enjoy sex as an adult, because sex is like chocolate, it’s fucking wonderful. Now, if you have been sexually abused in your youth, you may not be able to enjoy sex, or your enjoyment of it may be made difficult / complicated / socially unconstructive — all of which are fucking terrible, and they don’t need to be the case.

It is really wrong to abuse children from a position of authority. Somehow this is more wrong than mere abuse. Children are students of life, and we need to give them the right information so that they can grow into good adults, into good humans, and so that they can in turn raise good humans themselves. Lie to them, cheat them out of the healthy lives which they deserve, and you’re really fucking the future up for all of us. For why trust an institution if it has caused me harm as a youth? Why trust the world? Why help your fellow man? Why go on? , etc.

It is really, really wrong to abuse children from a position of authority, wherein your authority is alleged to be the creator and highest authority of the Cosmos.

Holy fucking shit. Really. What the fuck has to be happening inside your goddamn brain to wake up each morning, to dress up as a man of God, and then to go ahead and do wicked, wickedly despicable things to the most vulnerable form of intelligent life known to exist?

It blows my mind.

Yes, the documentary on ancient sex goes over such things… but progress people. PROGRESS. Jesus Christ…

This post is turning into a rant.

Check this goddamn story out too:

 Tory child abuse whistleblower: ‘I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet ministers’

Unbelievable. I believe it though.

Thank God/Science my strong attraction is to hip/confident women in their early to mid 20s… and even in my case, I pass on many, many women who fit this description, because I often know when I am acting (or wanting to act) out of mere selfishness, and I have a mind to know better.


Rant over.

Seriously though. World. Cut. This. Shit. Out.

– J

edit: 20201018 I removed the documentary on ancient sex, as the YouTube link broke, and I was unable to find what documentary it was that I shared. Also, yikes, I’m swearing a lot in this piece. I must have been moved, emotionally, at the time of the original posting.

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