Climate change w/ Bill Nye | General Motors recall | Solar powered roadways

Ho reader,

Today I began reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. It’s a short book, in about an hour I was able to get through the first two parts. Spoiler warning. My progress is presently marked at a page wherein German soldiers have spotted two Americans behind enemy lines, one kicking the other’s downed body, and that other curled into a ball, laughing.

I am looking forward to finishing that.

I don’t believe I am reading enough fiction, and so I have introduced into my day a regimen of fiction reading. I am about a fifth of the way through S5, and I have only just begun. So it goes.

I had initially planned on providing some commentary on the videos below, but I am not really interested in wording today. So, I will do without too many words.

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham – HD (Official)

[Here, removed, was a video of John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight talking about General Motors. The YouTube link had become broken, and so I removed the video.]

This business with GM knowing about an issue but behaving completely horribly reminds me of an instance where a pharmaceutical company knew that a product was likely causing AIDS infections, and though they stopped selling to the U.S., they sold the product elsewhere in the world, apparently to children mostly.

Just terrible.

The Wikipedia page on the matter, and a YouTube video below of some mainstream talking heads on the issue.

Bayer Exposed ( HIV Contaminated Vaccine )

On a much more optimistic note, take notice of the silly video below.

This is a hyperbolic sales pitch for a system of solar-panel roadways. The idea is that these panels would replace the asphalt that we drive and park on.

In addition to converting sun rays into electricity, these panels would be individually replaceable, and feature programmable LEDs to light the roads in configurations necessary to the moment. And in the winters, the panels would heat themselves to rid our need of snow tires, salt and plows.

The roads also rely on buried cable conduits which we could use to update the cable infrastructure of tomorrow.

I would love to see this happen.

Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!


– J

edit 20201018 – Turns out solar roadways, as a practicable idea, wasn’t all that it had first felt that it would be.

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