Understanding Decentralization | The Solutions Project | Aftermath Photo 2

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Here’s some cool stuff.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos – “Understanding Decentralization”

In my own megalomaniac scheming of how I would run a state, there would certainly be decentralization, to an extent of course; too much decentralization, too soon would be the detriment to the whole. However… just enough could preserve the whole in the event of a major crisis, and it could also be helpful if the larger apparatus were to be seized or co-opted in some kind of creeping coup.

Here is a Reddit Community for the discussion of Decentralization, /r/Rad_Decentralization/

The Solutions Project – a proposed method to transition America to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050.

Here is the website of The Solutions Project

On the promise of science, perhaps a point against the hopefuls of the Solutions Project, here is a pithy YouTube video on Nietzsche’s The Gay Science, wherein Friedrich says that God is dead, and those places where we now look for certainty do not provide this… and still, we feel safe in our false certainty.

I believe we do this because we are able to build and fling rockets around the celestial bodies, split the atom, and cure many ailments of man. We may not know everything, but what we claim to know, we can certainly show something for it.

Still, we ought to be weary of our means, and we must be critical in our determining and planning of ends. I believe this is what our friend Friedrich is here saying.

Ep. 2: Does SCIENCE = TRUTH? (Nietzsche) – 8-Bit Philosophy

And to close, a photo of mine from yesterday’s incident between Vishnu and my fine wine glass.



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