A word in favour of net neutrality + a photo

I have been hard at work, and so I have been neglecting this space.

Since the defeat of SOPA, measures against an open internet are again being pushed into place by the old boys with money.

Here are a couple easy to digest videos that explain why it is that this is very bad, and why a rich/established few would like it to be the permanent future (read, death) of the internet.

Goodbye Net Neutrality, Hello Gilded Age Internet

Internet Citizens: Defend Net Neutrality

If we let the internet, the last totally free bastion of open expression (not to mention, incredibly powerful), become a tool for those that already control the wealth, shape the material conditions, and have a pretty good sway on public opinion, then we are giving the key that can free us back to our loving captors.

To allow the open internet to fall would be the worst thing we could collectively do.

Without the internet as it presently exists, one day it could again be the case that we do not possess knowledge of atrocities, wars, or revolutions happening elsewhere in the world, or even in our own nations.

If we keep the internet open, then we keep our open lines of communication between all the persons of the world; we hold the key of our own emancipation from certain useless models of behavior and commerce that today only continue due to inertia and contrived desire via marketing, advertising, et al.

If those who spend to shape social behavior, establish and conquer powerful institutions, if these humans are able to take from us our open internet, then their power will be without limit, and their actions tacitly, through ignorance or persuasion, will be permitted ultimately without question.

So, let’s tell our families and friends about this issue.

Contact your local representatives, your news stations.

– –

Unrelated…here is a photo I took when a framed painting of the Indian God Vishnu fell onto a large wine glass filled with the pedals of an aging rose. I had been writing at the time. Only a small cut.

The Good, and the loss of a good wine glass

The Good, and the loss of a good wine glass



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