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Climate change w/ Bill Nye | General Motors recall | Solar powered roadways

Ho reader, Today I began reading Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. It’s a short book, in about an hour I was able to get through the first two parts. Spoiler warning. My progress is presently marked at a page wherein German soldiers … Continue reading

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J. Rogan, Randall Carlson on ice ages, extinction events & climate change | + music

Word up folks, Another day of good writing for me… I have come to terms with the fact that I am writing a metaphysics. And with this, I believe I am moving forward with renewed vigor. First, the story of … Continue reading

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A troubling view of Democracy [00:02:15] | Celebration of Carl Sagan [2:07:50]

Ho reader, I have been doing good work this weekend. I hope you too can find some time to work on what matters to you, to let out what art is within. To begin, a video on how well (rather, how … Continue reading

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A.I constructs an argument in real time | time-lapse view of the world

Ho folks, Just sharing some cool stuff today. IYES – Toys (Demo) Why Tomorrow Won’t Look Like Today: Things that Will Blow Your Mind + A.I constructs an argument in real time [MilkenInstitute] Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world. … Continue reading

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Earth, an HD live stream, Psychedelic Art,

The greatest selfie of them all: Earth, a live stream (double entendre?) The power of community, of convention, an incredibly hypnotizing religious ceremony: the circle dance by Sufi Zikr Twenty-six paintings depicting the psychedelic/religious experience by Alex Grey. And Alex Grey‘s website … Continue reading

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Understanding Decentralization | The Solutions Project | Aftermath Photo 2

Ho reader, Here’s some cool stuff. Andreas M. Antonopoulos – “Understanding Decentralization” In my own megalomaniac scheming of how I would run a state, there would certainly be decentralization, to an extent of course; too much decentralization, too soon would be the … Continue reading

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A word in favour of net neutrality + a photo

I have been hard at work, and so I have been neglecting this space. Since the defeat of SOPA, measures against an open internet are again being pushed into place by the old boys with money. Here are a couple … Continue reading

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