Everything is beautiful: the mediated world of persons

Everything is beautiful.

People especially, animals too.

Vistas and tastes, sounds and symmetry alight in each of us whole worlds of meaning.

A rose by any other name

A rose by any other name

It is for this reason that the construct of the person has such intrinsic worth; the world is internalized, at first little by little, and then as the person’d animal develops, the connection of the animal to the world is mediated by a personal world.


Thanks V. Ryan

Thanks V. Ryan

Let gear-A represent the objective world (the planet covered with animals governed by physical/chemical/atomic laws), gear-B the inner world of the person, and gear-C be the animal from which the person rises.

With regard to the lives of mere animalia, mere animals who simply react without mediated thought, without due reflection, interpolation, extrapolation, gears A and C are meshed together without the intermediary gear.

By this I mean to say that the non-person’d animal interfaces directly with the world, and in certain respects is indistinguishable from it. And by this I mean to say that the animal, like the early human child, it does not see the world and itself as separate, there is only sense perception and immediate action, there is only the world.

However, with the human child’s evolutionarily-developed human brain, and with the aid of a civilization which is already in place from which to teach the child what it is in potentiality, there develops a divergence between the human baby and the animal.

The world and the baby, like the world and the low-level animal, are directly interfaced. But, after a time there comes to form a recognition of the self.

And like a little bit of water that has flowed into a crack in the concrete, given time there is expansion, and this little crack grows into a chasm.

But there is no chasm, there is no absence of influence.

Returning to the gear analogy, the human goes from interfacing directly with the world as a baby, to interfacing with its self, itself a subjective world influenced by the external objective world which of which everyone and everything physically inhabits.

It is not too hard to see this in practice today; people walking about with their headphones filling their heads with their music, as they walk to their destination for their reasons, motivated by their hopes and fears, weighed down by their baggage, their hurt.

Indeed, it seems that the difference between a person and an animal is that the animal is influenced to the world, and a person is influenced by their own world… itself influenced by the world proper.

Each of us persons are discrete artifacts of existence, like iron wrought into the particular shape of the prevailing zeitgeist.


But so too are we animals, and animals apart from the patronage of high-level consciousness they also have intrinsic worth.

For, where does this internal world form if not for within animals?

If a person is just a great animal, then respect for persons must begin with respect for animals.

I suppose, referring to the many low-level (relative to humans) animals, there would be an intermediary component between the animal and the world. But this gear would be less substantial, and it would not always be present.

If you have ever had a relationship with a non-human animal, as I have with my parents’ cat, then you too must concede that there is a certain level of personhood evident in the non-human animal world.

I have said it before (and I will again and again) that the path to mass enlightenment is one which begins with an understanding that each of us is an animal, and thus to value animal life.


Yes, the world is beautiful, but only because there are eyes and forms, brains and minds from which to see and know this world and, where possible, ourselves too.

The beautiful, like the good, seems to be a subjective qualification. And it is.

To each of us persons, things and people and events are good and/or beautiful as they relate and take part in our internal world.

But the good proper, beauty most high, this too is subjective, but its subjects are many. It is from these many points that comes a kind of absolute geometry of vectors; the good proper concerns us all, and it changes as we change, and its authority rests in its universal applicability.

This good I shall write of elsewhere.
Also, I will likely capitalize ‘Good’, and get all weird about it.

Anyway, I am feeling a kind of distraction which commands my attention to put its light elsewhere. Perhaps the shadow figure so created, the story of light and silhouette I can share here at another time.

An album containing more images of the Cosmos

Take care,

– J

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I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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