The Milk-Industrial Complex – Healthcare Triage


A cold glass of 2%. What about some 1% chocolate milk with bubbles up to the rim?

I’ve heard that the act of separating calves from cows, those cows that then go on to give milk, causes the mothers to cry for days.

It is not the killing of animals, it is not entirely the fashion in which they are killed which is most bad. It is that we do not respect them enough to allow them their life to live. Instead, we use them as a means toward an end of interest to ourselves, ie the creation of milk through their life-long subjugation.

For some time now I have been drinking almond milk and soy milk.
I do not know what ecological terrors I commit by purchasing such products regularly. (With the exception of active research), I can only hope that I am not displacing entire communities and/or causing rainforests to be cut clear.

And the cows.

Those poor, stupid cows with their giant unhealthy bodies  😦
(The poor everythings.)

Milk, do we need it?

Beyond the young age concurrent with the mother’s period of lactation, we probably have no further need for it. Therefore, we ought to stop taking it from the cows, the goats, etc.

Perhaps once we have grossly out-scaled the previous almond genocides, then we can perhaps cease to kill and eat these cows, goats, and the like.

Then, hundreds of years from now, I may become known as just another enabler of the great nut, legume, and vegetable atrocities: consuming organic material, farming for the purpose of consumption, distribution for the purpose of selling and consuming, displaying corpses in so-called “bouquets”

Spits at the ground

Healthcare Triage: The Milk-Industrial Complex

p.s. I’m fairly sure it’s okay to chop up vegetables in ways quite wrong if done to any animal. Though, certainty isn’t something held only by the correct.

So, here’s hoping our intuition in this regard is not damning, incorrect, an unknown violence.


Though, putting cattle through what we do, so that we may have cheap and available, cut and cleaned ‘meat’… that is the bad thing that we ought to cease.

As I have said before, eating animals may not be necessarily wrong (citing nature’s example), but to use human intelligence and ingenuity to enslave all non-humans for purposes deemed by humans to be desirable and/or profitable is the fucking problem.

I swear only because it is really, really quite terrible.

Full disclosure, I had a turkey sandwich today. I did not associate the sandwich with any animal existence, much less a specific animal like a turkey! I’m digressing, but this illustrates the disconnect between where the food comes from (who and what is affected) and what is presented to us as food, that which is right for consumption.
– J

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I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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