Brazilian special needs breakdancing class [marijuana firecrackers recipe]


I got the title from Bob’s Burgers, btw.

ass4ass2ass1Solid show.

S(sss)o, I may or may not be going to a masquerade party this evening.


I also may or may not be the case, that on this lone venture out I will be eating cooked (read, activated) cannabis/marijuana.


Rick and Morty – Ants in my Eyes Johnson Commercial

(I must inappropriately interject below with a clip from the film Half Baked)

Concerning the ingestion of marijuana, one cannot simply eat it as-is; you have to heat it up, and then transfer the effective THC into something fatty. Peanut butter is best for immediate consumption, and butter is good for cooking other things which you would like to make ‘magic’, ‘special’, or more fun generally.

Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana

Now, if I were to do such a thing, I would be sure not to drive, and I would use the trusty recipe below.

Link to the best firecrackers website

Link to a screenshot of the website, hosted here, in case the site ever goes down. It’s really too effective of a recipe to lose.

If you follow closely to the simple rules, it should work out well.

Below is some entertainment, perhaps in-line with the above.

Adam, Blake, & Anders from Workaholics | Getting Doug with High

“Wizards Never Die” (More of Adam, Blake, & Anders)

Mr. Pickles Pilot (because wtf not?) [NSFW]

Being a Dickhead’s Cool (fucking hipsters)

Mountain Man Kills It Dancing



Have fun,

– J

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