We’re up all night to get lucky | Origins of life and the earliest organisms

Ho friend,

Sexy beat, a soft voice, and an already great song. I dig this.

The original track (great album, you should buy it)

Like those of any song to he or she who finds themselves within, the lyrics touch me.

What keeps the planets spinning (uh)
The force from the beginning.

Beautiful wording of this physical, causal universe expanding, and largely playing out from the big cosmic bang, and its initial conditions.

We’re up all night to get lucky.

A truth, these base inclinations. Social understandings of ever-increasing complexity, as a result of both sexual reproduction and the development of the mind.

I do not here point to the dance club as this truth, but of the instinct and will that underpins and motivates such action. The biological drive to reproduce and know pleasure, is in each coupled with the need for another soul, another highly complex, emotional, social form of life.

This latter drive is the effect of identifying oneself as separate from the universe (as a simple animal, or human in infancy does). To know yourself as an individual apart from everything else is to lose everything, and to discover that you are alone in the most absolute sense. This, I say, is our need for love, and it is our need to give love.

The music which people dance to is merely the shaking feathers, fanned out from the rear of a large colourful bird. Our social cues, our courting rituals, Le Discotheque are all custom, convention, matters of fact which entail from our biological development and social interdependence.

Humans have been doing their thing for ~2,000,000 years. In one form or another, there was a discotheque some time ago, and so will there be something of it, however unrecognizable to us, far into any future concerning the descendants of (hu)man(s).

We’ve come too far to give up who we are
So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars

I cannot help but interpret this as being my own thesis. As I have said above, humans in their present form have only been around for some 2 million years, and before that stretches a lineage of lower life, all the way back to the burred lines of chemistry, of physics, all the way back to the aforementioned bang, about 15 billion years ago.

Today, our calendars read 2,014. What a tiny, tiny number.

This is because of the difficulty (the responsibility) of keeping a civilization together. But look at us, we have for a time staved off nuclear obliteration, and we have fed and educated a great many people. We have connected the entire world, we have unlimited access to knowledge and instant communication, we have put men onto the moon, and we understand so much of the nature of the world and of our own existence.

We truly have come much too far. We cannot just put it all back into the box of oblivion.

Sure, each of us ends, but the system into which each of us was born continues, and with that continuation continues life like us.

We must, and we will, give up those traits, habits, and propensities which threaten our existence, but the rest we may keep. We will fix our flag to be one of unification, of compassion, of calculation… of curiosity and good will.

This is that raising of the bar.
To the stars, in peaceful colonies.
Finding and creating new worlds for and of good people.

Raise our cups — in time, with faith in ourselves and one another, we will make it.

I’m thankful this project is one of digressions, I digress.

One cannot go wrong with a David Attenborough flick.
Below is Animal Planet –  First Life.
It is a story about how cells came together to form such things as you and I.

A couple bonus tracks, because I like you.

EDIT 20201018 – Pogo, it turns out, has some not so helpful, wholesome beliefs, and, yeah, I don’t like his politics. So, if you’re going to enjoy his music, just maybe look into the controversy surrounding him. Barf. What a shame, such otherwise dancy beats.

Bloom | Pogo

Wishery | Pogo

Alice | Pogo

Last, I’ll leave you with this video. It’s a touch crass, but funny and quite smart IMO.
WA – Too Good To Be True! (Mad Kids)


– J

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