Bhudda, purple, pink… Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos EP1

Good day to you.

I hope your day is good.

Well, no.

I hope that your life as whole is good, and by this I mean to say that I hope you have found it in yourself (in your relation to this world) to find joy in the ups and downs (and downs) of this self-narrated story of yours.

To wish upon another that this or that day be good, is not to wish for them to have a good existence, for both a good and a bad existence would have days which were good. Perhaps it is only in the most difficult of existences that one is wished one good day.

Maybe this is just office talk speaking, where in addition to people wishing well of each others days,  people also speak sarcastically of their 9-5 plight, and the associated obsession with the week’s end.

Had we only a week to live (besides e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g being different), it seems that we would be inviting our very ends. I hope that is not what we are doing. But, as it is Wednesday going on Thursday, I can’t help think of something I said to someone in the elevator not long ago.

Someone had said something to the effect of ‘tomorrow being Friday and thus the weekend was upon us’. To this I gave the smile that any friendly person deserves, and said back, and perhaps with too much a hint of honest forlorn (how impolite of me) to say ‘it always seems to be Thursday’ so as to say that the weekend was always upon me.

Feels that way. It’s hard to root for something that seems to be arriving more than it is departing. Desire does not want what comes so freely, perceived scarcity moves us more than obvious abundance.

Anyway, where was I? Thursday? Elevator… ah yes! That is what I want.

I want for you to exist well, and to feel well in doing so, despite the pain and difficulty which faces us necessarily.

As the pain is the source of pleasure, the difficulty of life is the greatest source of joy. I say this because that joy is not immediately manifest; the good of the difficult situation is the fruit beneath the skin and husk.

Joy through perseverance, through overcoming, through justice is a joy which inspires and drives us toward, if not the good itself, a working model of it, toward which a better model can be made, etc.

Here, let us both smile in the presence of the colours purple and pink, after the above digressions.

And the source of said purple-pinkness

When I share thoughts on here, I have to be careful to be honest, and not to type for the sake of typing, and link for the sake of posting. I may or may not have been careful enough with this post… I’d like to think I am.

Today I watched a documentary on Buddha. It is here, below.

I have done meditation, I have read texts of Buddhism, but never have I seen the story told so. Well, perhaps I’ve never heard the story.

I am used to stories about men seeking out masters in caves, and the masters saying cryptic things, and the students trying to quell their eagerness to find inner silence, toward the end of finding that inner silence. That is what Buddhism is to me.

In the above documentary, they talk of such things as Buddha coming out of his mother’s side, and not from the regular route (I’m too bashful to say it). This and other things surprised me.

I guess I had spent so much time looking at the idea of mindfulness, of the golden silence of the mind, that I had just assumed that Buddhism was a more rational religion.

Though the outcome of Buddhism is rational, I suppose that all religion really must be rooted in myth. I say so because religion is such an old tool, and back in the days when these human animals of which we are descendant were still within earshot of the grassy planes from which eventually came high civilization and science, and as such they needed good reason and to pass stories from parent to child. Perhaps incredible stories of miracles and monsters is just what was needed.

Today, I hope that a more rational approach would be suitable for those of us who value the sense of togetherness which exists at a fundamental level of reality, but seems to be absent in our daily lives, our isolated stories.

It would be so nice if we could lead our individual lives, have our relationships, and to also know that at a fundamental level we are all connected… and that one ought not fear death as absolute as some may have us think it is.

Anyway, I fear I am getting ahead of myself.

Below is is an interesting (and short) article which talks about the origins of life, specifically the step between chemistry and biology.

“Life is built upon a hierarchy of systems. At the bottom we have genes. Genes then code for proteins. Proteins direct the working of cells. Cells form tissues, which add up to organs, until we reach the level of the organism.” –

On a similar vein, please see below for a PBS documentary on the origin of life

The Advanced Apes | PBS Digital Studios

Moreover, here is a video which purports to expose the intricate and surprising web of forces that sustains life on earth

Earth From Space HD 1080p / Nova

And lastly, but certainly not of the least worth… the first episode of the new Cosmos series. The original was by local badass for all-time, Carl Sagan. The present one is by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and though I have promised to watch it with a friend (and thus I have not watched it), I can say with confidence that it is excellent.

Please use the following URL, as it will count against the total views which the advertisers pay for. And in this world, educating people is less important than paying advertisers. So, if we can just convince large corps to continue funding such ventures, then perhaps incidentally we can educate the next wave of adult humans.



And though I said that would be last, here is an image which I thought was cute.

When the robots finally rise up to end all biological life in the universe, the tear in my eye may not be solely from a shattered orbital bone.

When the robots finally rise up to end all biological life in the universe, the tear in my eye may not be solely from a shattered orbital bone.


– J

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I often think but seldom share these thoughts. And if the product of my thinking is to affect anything but my own sense of satisfaction, then surely it must be shared. Here you may try to know what I believe to know.
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